1 Day Arrive & Drive

In partnership with JIMGLO Trailers and Motul, Function Factory Racing offers you the chance to go further. Get out of your golf shorts and into the most POWERFUL street-legal Ford vehicle ever produced. Are you ready to tame our 800 horsepower beast of a Mustang? Our professional driving instructors will make sure you extract every pony possible out on a race track of your choosing. Adrenaline laced, action-packed, and an educational segment will tattoo an experience that you will cherish for a lifetime.

That’s the Factory Promise.

Starting at $2999

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Everyone Deserves Fun.

We have a simple rule around the office, seriously, it’s very simple.. “have fun”, because seriously, we can’t think of a
better way than to spend a  day with us truly getting the absolute shit scared of you by our Mustang’s 5.2 liter, supercharged
V8 that produces over 800 horsepower. Now that we’ve peaked your interest, let’s talk details of our exclusive and private, 1 day track experience program.

No Experience Needed

Okay we lied, but we do not require you to have racing experience. Our professional driving instructors are certified bad asses that have competed in the 24 hours of LeMans and worked with Ford Performance to develop the vehicle you are about to pilot. Not only are fast, they are respectful. We want you to have a very SAFE and FUN time.

Do It For The Gram

You’re not going to want to forget this opportunity. Feel free to film your adventure or bring a friend to help you. We have our own professional video crew, but encourage you to capture yourself in action. Don’t forget to use #ffracingaz

Ultimate Adrenaline

This experience will not be for the faint of heart. You will experience a blistering 3 seconds to 60 miles an hour, over 1.2 g’s, and our head slamming, 800 horsepower V8 connected to a BorgWarner dual clutch transmission commanded by your fingertips. 


Your Track, Our Pleasure

The Podium Club is for drivers who want to feed their passions on a safe, fun, and challenging circuit. Less than an hour from Phoenix and 65 minutes from Tucson, the 445-acre complex offers trackside garages, meeting space, night sessions, permanent zoning and Arizona’s most generous noise restrictions.

Paddock Lunch

Wrestling around a pissed off Mustang is one hell of chore, relax knowing that lunch will be provided at the track for you and your spouse. 

Making Memories

Your camera is highly courage to join us during your endeavor for speed and education. No camera, no problem. Our professional photographers and videographers will be there to capture your face every time you scream.


We refuse to let your heart beat rest for a second. Now is your opportunity to command our Mustang’s performance abilities as you follow your instructor on the racing line as he communicates with you. Stallion against stallion, your hairs will raise as you hear the roar and feel the horsepower.

Pedal to the metal, LETS BOOK

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The core of our program, unleashing you in our Shelby GT500 on track, by yourself. Enjoy nearly 9 hours of combined track time during your experience at Podium Club. Transportation of our vehicles is available and will be an additional cost.


PUSH THE LIMITS: Telemetry Analysis

With over 50 years of high performance driving under our belt, the crew is on board to help you every step of the way. Fear not of the our Snake, she may bite, but our crew will teach you to bite back with his expert level coaching.


We provide you with the best safety equipment possible. Our SA2020 certified Simpson Racing Carbon Fiber Bandit helmet will ensure safety while looking like the coolest race car driver on camera. 


Looking to get the most out of this experience? Our AIM datalogger + lap time timer allows us to review your vehicle placement, throttle, steering, and brake inputs. We’ll be able to pinpoint your highs & lows to ultimately lower your lap times.


With telemetry data, our professional driver coaches will be able to help you maintain pace, respect your tires and brakes, and ultimately turn consistent laps.


We’ll be analyzing your driving via on board video and in the crows nest. Our expert coaching will ensure we utilize your track day to its absolute fullest. 


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